You want to put Vigrx Plus your body

After your spitting out 900+ enzymes with ease, you want to put Vigrx Plus your body to rev up production. Supply and demand. This is where cold training and exercise comes in. If you were cold training and exercising before, your body could only adapt and handle as much as it could handle, by supplying as much as it could in response to the stressors. Now your body is nutritionally efficient, spitting out enzymes and protecting the testes from free radicals, it can handle a lot more, and as a result, grow faster by producing more hormones and building blocks. Basically the stressors you put on the body now, will give you a much better response and adaptation. Anyway this isn’t my best explained post about Vigrx Plus. But what I’m trying to say, is you will start to feel different, and actually think to yourself, damn I feel really full of energy, clear headed, and healthy. Your motivation is up, your erections/libido is up, your mental clarity is up, your motivation is up, your appetite is down, and everything just seems revved up and rearing to go! I’ve exercised routinely and eaten healthy in the past, and I feel 100x better now than I was back then. And my current diet and exercise regime is utter shit. Yet everything is slowly changing toward the positive. I’m doing things which I’ve procrastinated over for years. Things are slowly changing one at a time, and it isn’t that hard. It’s almost like, with great health, comes a great natural confidence and motivation in oneself. The future is looking very bright at the moment. I just need a little more time, 3 months, to see if my ideas are where I’d thought I’d be. By the time it hits around mid February, I can see my life having progressed further in those 3 months, than it has in the last 3 years. It’s a weird feeling, and I’m hoping this positive propulsion will last, and not end up being delusion/positive thinking. It does seem to come and go, but more coming these days than going. So anyway with all this energy, I just seem to need to write more, get things out of my head, and feel like I’m going somewhere. Never mistake motion for action, luckily I’m achieving some of my goals, which tells me I’m not bullshitting myself just yet. But like I said, I need 3 months, to see where I end up. Just keep taking supplements, and start upping your health. I’ve been taking B12 and magnesium for the last 2 months, and they are just starting to kick in, as my body feels it’s nearing saturation point, and it becoming totally hydrated from nutritional deficiencies it once had (still have to wait for my body to saturate the b-compelx and vitamin c as these are recent additions). Learn more at I can’t even cause myself to get cramps in my feet now by crunching them up. That among other things, proves to me this magnesium is working as it should. Anyway I’ve written a lot of things that none of you probably need to hear. Just imagine being really excited, but letting too much out of the bag before the results are in. So until the results are in, toodles for now. Learn more at and

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