We love to use pheromones on vacation

We love to use pheromones on vacation. She wasn’t ugly, indeed her apparent youth meant she carried the weight okay and her face was fresh, but not someone that I would have approached at this stage in my game of pheromones.

While giving her directions my spider-sense suddenly tingled. Maybe it was the atmosphere, the twinkling lights had just come on and cast a silver glow across the plaza, but I got a sense that she was up to something with real pheromones. I sensed that rather than wanting directions it was actually just a pretext for her to talk to me. Learn more about pheromones at http://austingosser.bcz.com/2015/09/05/this-type-of-pheromone-behavior/ and http://youthbruce.com/2016/06/19/first-rule-of-using-pheromones/

She fancied me. My game automatically switched back on. We chatted for a few minutes and she told me that she was only in London for four days and that in two days she would be leaving to go back to her home town in Holland.

Fernando was looking at a boutique not far away, keeping a discreet distance. She said, ” Hey, why don’t we get a new pheromone cologne.”

Now there’s a first. She bounced me onto an instant date! The Punch and Judy Pub was twenty metres away so we walked there. It’s a traditional English pub named after the famous puppet show. As we rolled into the pub she said was too young to be served alcohol. I took her and our drinks into a dark corner booth, where I found out her name was Mieke, and she was seventeen years old.

That surprised me that she adored my human pheromones. I had to pause and take a small step back, evaluating whether or not I wanted to move on with the seduction. Sixteen is legal here, so seventeen was well within the bounds of legality, but seemed perhaps close to the border. The more she talked, and the more light- touching and body language that passed between us, I could tell that she was horny and wanted this to happen. I used the age dilemma to fuel my desire, letting it make me feel like a bad man and telling myself that it was fun to “push the envelope.” Not every middle—aged man would fuck a seventeen year old girl, but I guarantee every one of them gets a hard-on thinking about the possibility of sex pheromones.

Mieke was in London on a school trip. I never found out if it was high school or college. She was with a group of about twenty other students

and her teacher, and today she would have to leave in about an hour to meet back up with them, with the following day, a Sunday, being her last full day and night in London.

They were all staying with host families in the London suburbs and they met daily to explore tourist spots in London. My instincts were getting better and my theoretical reading was giving me an accurate world-view within which to find girls’ behaviour comprehensible. What were Mieke’s words and situation telling me about this girl, and what she was looking for? Learn more about pheromones at http://philocosmology.com/2016/05/08/how-pheromones-are-detected/

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