InSB_2014-logo-sm“To Foster the Next (Best) AEC+ Generation.”

The school is the first of its kind, and it represents the transformation of the mindset of architecture, engineering, and construction.

What is InSB ? :

InSB, short for Integrated School of Building, is a tax-exempt public charity under 501(c)3 section of the Internal Revenue Code.

InSB is an open, market-driven, desegregated, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction education, founded in 2011.

It is a global effort for better-educating a deeply-rooted, deeply-fractured industry, to make a lasting positive impact at-large.

The problem :

The building design and construction industry, AEC, does not truly perform at optimum.

30-40% of a project’s budget is a loss to the Owner due to the lack of adequate management or performance, or both, of the design and building teams.

That 30-40% is a significant portion of capital which could be re-introduced to the project itself, as savings to the Owner, or as gains top the team, if only we fostered better professionals and collaborations.

Where it starts :

The problem is much more fundamental than most people think.

In the current educational model for AEC we segregate Architects, Engineers, and Builders / Construction Managers, never exposing them to each other or each other’s work processes, expecting them to come together magically later -in the professional setting- for optimal project development and delivery.

A contract alone, signed by the parties, does not suffice in ensuring delivery optimization. It creates a fictitious temporary association as well as a certain level of accountability for professional liability, but it does not foster or guarantee performance.

We all know the problem exists, but no one has identified it at its core : education.

You mean teaching for a Master Builder ? :

No. Projects today are far too complex for a single party to optimally deliver them.

Also, an individual cannot play all roles, especially in these professions regulated by Licenses and States, but an individual can certainly be fostered a better team member.

What we are proposing is teaching for Master Building Teams.

How about training Architects, Engineers, and Builders / Construction Managers to better undertand the other parties’ processes and values?

Training them to identify individual and team strengths and weaknesses? Or to identify and structure these optimized teams? Train them to delete wastes in development and delivery?

We are proposing an optimized professional, the very basis for an optimized project team.

What about Profit ? :

Yes, profit is good, but ultimately AEC is about the Project itself, thus the Owner.

If the Owner was guaranteed performance perhaps that creates a base for a higher profit margin. 30-40% of a budget wasted could be better utilized, as well as can be savings or profit for all.

The team winning equals each party winning. All parties win, O, A, E, and C.

How will InSB change the mindset of the industry ? :

Entering our 3rd year, we will create focused research and aim to effectively execute small attainable high-impact objectives, and continue our work “to foster the next best AEC+generation.”

For more contact :

Tabitha Ponte

President + Lead Researcher  /  email :  /


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